About us

VerpleegpostSpanje is a provider of private health services providing care to all who need to be served at home, camping or hotel with a flexible service that adapts to changes related to development of the person and / or their family structures.
The service is under the guideline of experts in the field of nursing home care, with relationship and communication skills in addition to a high degree of technical and problem-solving. They are qualified professionals (specializing in oncology, cardiology and geriatrics) and work to help their clients, many of them foreigners, either residents or tourists. Some of them may suffer from some chronic illnesses or acute.
Our professionals speak different languages​​, Dutch (mother tongue), English, German, Spanish and Catalan.

Agreeements with Càrdia

Cardia offer a discount to customers for services Control Nursing prices compared to other paying patients from other companies. In the case of VerpleegpostSpanje, customers have a regular subscriber PVC card that identifies them as such, with its full name. His dedication to the query Cardia be enough for the customer to benefit from the discounts VerpleegpostSpanje required. Both cardiac and VerpleegpostSpanje agree to give customers their priority  service appointments, treatments, tests, delivery of results and reports and assistance in regard to other clients from other companies.