Descripción del Pack

Cardiac rehabilitation program designed for patients who have suffered a myocardial infarction. It is a unique and customized training in order to restart a sport suitable for each patient.
The rehabilitation program is more comprehensive complete (6 months), comprehensive and multidisciplinary.

  1.      Measurement of blood pressure.
  2.      Measurement of height and weight.
  3.      Measurement of oxygen saturation.
  4.      Calculating BMI.
  5.      Electrocardiogram.
  6.      First visit to cardiologist.
  7.      Doppler echocardiography.
  8.      Initial testing.
  9.      Nutritionist initial visit.
  10.      Visit for psychologists.
  11.      Visit by expert cardiac rehabilitation.
  12.      48 sessions (2 per week) supervised exercise.
  13.      Visit nutritionist to end.
  14.      Psychologists final visit.
  15.      Final testing.
  16.      Doppler echocardiography-end.
  17.      Final Visit to cardiologist

Price; 2,600 euros.