May 2013;

Cardia reached an agreement with AXA for the study and assessment of the risk of sudden cardiac death offered Brugada Genomics Medicine (BGM), with clinical and genetic evaluation more thorough thanks to the latest technology.
Also included in this review Cardia overnight at the Carlemany Hotel (4 stars) for two with breakfast.

May 2013;
It starts a collaboration with the  gym Triops Banyoles to apply a 20% discount on Pack Esport (treadmill test+ ECG + echocardiography and cardiologist visit) to its partners.


April 2013;
It starts a collaboration with GEIEG  to apply a 20% discount on Pack Esport (treadmill test+ ECG + echocardiography and cardiologist visit) to its partners.



February 2013;

Càrdia  SUMMIT project, starts, it is a study led by Emma Roca primary objective to determine whether people who exercise of long duration and high intensity have more health risk compared to the sedentary population and moderately active population .
It is more than 150 athletes who undertake the cardia, ECG, stress testing and echocardiography.
Emma Roca herself participate and Kilian Jornet.


Decembre 2012:
It starts working with the nurses (VerpleegpostSpanje), is a private geriatric service provider that provides care to all who need to be treated at home, camping or hotel with a flexible service that adapts to changes related to the evolution of the individual and / or the family structures.
Attention is done under the guidance of expert nurses in the field of home care, with relationship and communication skills and a high degree of technical training and resolute. They are qualified professionals (oncology, cardiology and geriatrics) and work to help their clients, many of them foreigners, either residents or tourists. Some of them may suffer from chronic illnesses or acute pathology.
Our staff speak several languages, Dutch (mother tongue), English, German, Catalan and Castilian.
[Toggle title = “Discounts with Cardia”] Cardia offer a discount for their services to clients Nursing Control, on prices than other patients from other circuits pay. For VerpleegpostSpanje, regular customers have a subscriber PVC card that identifies them as such, with your name. His commitment to consultation Cardia be enough for VerpleegpostSpanje client benefits from the relevant discounts. Both cardiac and VerpleegpostSpanje undertake to give customers their priority circuit dating service, treatment, testing, delivery of results and reports and general assistance from other clients from other circuits.